Dorothy reminds your loved ones about their daily chores in your voice - like brushing teeth or taking medication. You can set a scheduled notifications or send them from your smartphone at any time.


Dorothy guides around the house using Augmented Reality. Colourful arrows will show direction and rich labels will explain the surroundings.

How does it work?


Dorothy helps you check on your loved ones while you're away. It will show you the exact room where your loved ones are now.

Always On

Dorothy interface is always on - your loved ones don't need to press any button. A gentle notification in your voice will capture their attention - let Dorothy do the work afterwards.



With support from North East London Foundation Trust and Waltham Forest Council, Dorothy is undergoing clinical testing to reach over 250 000 of dementia sufferers at homes and nursing facilities.


David was unable to find his way around the nursing home. With the help of Dorothy he can do it! Not only David is feeling more independent - the nursing home staff can now monitor him more closely and address his needs better.

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